This idea took root a couple of years back, or at least longer ago than I can pin point.  There was a pollination of sorts happening due to a run in with a neon plexiglass tray and a fascination with building Tinysaurs.  I pictured the offspring of this chance meeting as an ethereally glowing skeleton, the essence of organic structure rendered in synthetic light.  The genius of it all tickled my fancy just so.  I told a friend who was in fits with the blues and it made him grin from ear to ear. 

In the nacent stages there was a brief bout with an architect whose CAD skills could not be denied.  Lack of vision and appreciation for the whimsical brought the project to a lackluster halt.  Another attempt was made, as I enlisting the services of a talented programmer.  This time the motivation was high, bolstered by amusement, though quickly turned sour when our first prototype could not stand up.  (pic 1).   

After fiddling with the prototype #1 for a bit (pic 2) I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to see this project to completion I was going to have to do buckle down and get workin'.  I commenced the process of painstakingly outlining the individual pieces of bone as vector images, sourcing laser cutting services, and commissioning precisely measured notch samples (pic 3).  After months of niggling and jiggling and being as patient as can be, Jobaria was finally born on May 23, 2012.

At 12oz. and 18" from nose to tail she exceeds my expectations in every way possible.  May your amusement, dear reader, be a fraction of mine.