ICFF 2012

It's been about a brazillion years since I last posted and I've got a LOT to share.  Now that I have a little time, I hope to do so consistently and thoroughly so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Here's the run down since I was regularly posting last:  six months ago I went from forecasting trends in color for Pantone and WGSN to doing marketing and photography for a local modern furniture store on the East End of Long Island.  In January I decided to apply to a Master's program at RISD in Interior Architecture, and, low and behold, I got in!  The past two months has been spent in Providence taking a preliminary summer course in the Intar department, building to speed on all things spacial.  Even though it's been a severely intense experience (architortureschooltumbr) I am thrilled to be immersed in this field and am loving the challenge of thinking in new and glorious (x, y, AND z) ways.

So, you dear reader, will be privy to a whole new world of design, mainly that of buildings, most specifically barns, and all sorts of strange modular experimentations.  Before we get there though, I must share my not so recent sojourn to the ICFF and the most delightful, sincere, and desirable selections from the exhibition, IMO.  

Down home precision / Saturated primaries / Elegant modernity a.k.a. the Jetsons with taste.

More soon...

Herman Miller, Nelson Swag Leg Chair  /  Dunn Studios, Corlis Chair
Takahiro Yagi, Kaikado Co., LTD
Trevor Duncan, Pencil Works   /  Wilson and Benn, Wedges
Roros Tweed, Wool Blankets  /  Yinka Ilori, Chair and Stool
Eskayel, Wallpaper