What an incredible collection of titles and colors, perhaps what one might find decorating the bookshelves of Wes Anderson's abode... or mine for that matter. Why of course, why wouldn't Farm Animals be shelved next to Wild Animals in the red section, and Butterflies next to Aircraft in the blue ? When I witness this sort of logic, my faith in the genius of humanity feels all minty fresh and sparkly clean.


Today is a day for the blues: Muddy Waters and Nina Simone are on a lazy spin through the aural dominion of my new abode. Slow cold drip coffee is seducing the frontal lobe of my brain with visions of varying shades of cerulean, thalo, and cobalt. A dive into a deep and frigidly cold body of water is impending. Too bad there are no waterfalls in the near vicinity. Today would be a day for waterfalls if there were any close by. If you have one to splash in, I suggest you do, today.