Images from "Beyond: Visions of our solar system."
Currently on exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum.
From top to bottom:
Neptune and it's moon Triton, Uranus, Mars

The only thing I actually remember from 2nd grade (besides Marcus, the boy who would pull my ponytail while I wasn't looking and then pretend it wasn't him) was a special report we did on the planets. My planet was Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea, with little moon Triton always by it's side.


A few days ago I finished my tinysaur. It took some serious tweezer action and some badass miniature model glue but I'm completely taken with the results. Everytime I see it on the windowsill I get a oooooooh LA LA LOVE feeling. Yes, I'm in love with my miniature paper dinosaur skeleton, and what's even better? He only eats microbial dust particles so I don't have to worry about feeding him. Oh yeah.

Other things that are notable and just plain rock my world:

The new Yeasayer album. How did I miss this when it was released back in February? I was totally smitten with 2080 and Sunrise off their debut album and now am equally head over heals with O.N.E. on their new album Odd Blood. I can't get enough of it!! It's playing on repeat until I get sick of it.

Play, my minimal and eco friendly (hate that phrase but it's better than eco chic, seriously all of these eco words will be irrelevant as soon as we realize that sustainable production is the only way to go) was written up by Daily Candy last Friday, a true testament to the power of well done PR. The response has been overwhelming to say the least. Thank you Daily Candy!


After ten hours of trying
the instructor undid
my fingers, peeled
them one by one
off the joystick.
"You don't need
to hold the plane
in the air," he advised.
"It's designed to fly.
A hint of aileron,
a touch of rudder,
is all that is required."

I looked at him
like I'd seen God.
Those props and struts
he mentioned, they too,
I realized, all contrived.
I grew dizzy
from the elevation
from looking so far
down at the surmise:
the airspeed of faith
underlies everything.
Lives are designed
to fly.

Designed To Fly
by Ellen Waterston