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The Radish:
Black Spanish Round

I'm magnetically drawn to the radish. It's vivid color, bulbous shape and oddly creaturish attitude are irresistible. I bring them home from the market with delight and let them sit on my windowsill so none of their glory gets stifled by the cold stale air of the refrigerator. Pretty soon feelings of guilt start to surface as I realize I'm avoiding the dubious task of actually eating the radish. Yes, they're easy on the eye but not so easy on the palette. Maybe I could figure out a way to taxidermy radishes, then I could admire endlessly.

Here's a delicate little spur of the moment recipe that's not half bad when you absolutely must do something about that guilty feeling:

Dice the radish up into very fine little slivery matchsticks, mix with a sliced avocado, a few snips of dulse, a handful of cilantro, a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of olive oil and a crush of sea salt.
Toss gently.



Two recent discoveries that hit the sweet spot.
Passed along by my dear dear friend and mastermind behind Wear Headphones Tonight.



I was walking along Front St. the other day while visiting a friend in the financial district and I spied a little sign down a cobble stoned side street reading “provisions”. This, of course, peaked my interest due to the fact that I grew up playing hide and seek with my brother among the isles of another store by the very same name. Upon closer inspection it became clear that it was absolutely necessary to bide my time for a full hour at a nearby café for said shop to open. How could I not??? The façade was covered in black board paint! How brilliant is that? Plus I was on a mission to find some balsamic vinegar that was delicious but not painfully expensive… and 75 minutes later voila!! My prayers answered: a beautiful bottle of balsamic, plus a bottle of buttery melt in your mouth olive oil (Stonehouse, estate blend) and to top it all off, a bar of irresistibly wrapped Fleur de Sel Mast Brothers Chocolate. I could have gone on but it was necessary to edit to the essentials while surrounded by luscious goodness. Yes, I was sipping olive oil, discussing flavor subtlety, and getting excited about gluten free baking with Rachelle, the gorgeous brunette proprietress, before noon on a Thursday… hmmm, life is just so delicious sometimes. Besides recently opening Provisions, Rachelle is also launching her own line of gluten free baking mixes called Sweet Tallulah. Yay for gluten free loveliness!!! And for people who are doing beautifully crafted things with so much care it makes you want to tell the world.

provisions 150 Beekman St.



Take the risks.
Produce original work.
Create space for your play.
Create space for your peace.
Live light, live now, be fierce, be you.
Yes, you can have your cake,
and eat it too.