Town Bike: part I

1. CAD plan and revisions.

2. Torch and tips
3. Custom forks.
4. Custom top tube lugs.
5. How they work.
6. Board for hanging tools, taken off an antique lathe.

My cousin Spencer Wright of Traffic Cycle Design hand makes insane custom bicycles. He's currently undertaking a Town Bike experiment. These photos represent many hours of careful crafting and dedication to the refinement of detail and function. I'm eagerly anticipating the final product, replete with Brooks saddle, curved crossbar and custom handlebars, though I'm trying to convince Spencer to leave the steel unfinished (I have a thing for raw metal). I've been told on several occasions this would be impractical as the bike would rust if left in the rain (even better). I'll keep you updated on the progress of the Town Bike as the components take shape.

See more photos on Trafficbikes Flickr account.