This Saturday morning has been surprisingly wonderful. The wonder can be attributed to two things: 1. a funny little yard sale I stopped at on the way to work, where I found a blue penguin print polo shirt from the 50's that is just my size for $1, Oh joy! and 2. the farmers market across the street from my office that is only open on Saturday's. In this farmer's market I discovered some extremely luscious vegetables, and some delicious farmers. With all this attractive freshness I've been inspired to do a post on farmer's market food and fashion, but this will have to wait till next weekend as I forgot my camera today.

On the topic of Pink I would like to express my regard for the genius of Nars, in particular, the nail varnish color Bohemia. This is a new/old discovery for me, because, though I've been using this color on my fingers for a couple of years already, i have just discovered that if put on the toes and weathered for a week or two in the sand and the sun and whatever else one does with one's feet to get them a bit roughed up, then the varnish starts to fade and wear a bit thin and the most gorgeous patina comes through! Matte opalescence is proving to be far more stimulating to my consciousness than ever imagined. Life's private delights are all in the details, really.

There is one more secret summer delight that I'd like to share with you. It's called the Tate's Iced Latte. Here's the breakdown. It's an iced latte, but... they steam and froth the milk before pouring it over the ice so it's a wee bit warm and foamy and a way bit delicioso. The other part that makes my day, is that Tate's only offers one size. And it's a size large. Not having a choice in the matter is almost as refreshing as that first sip.