DAILY AFFLICTION: The agony of being connected to everything in the universe.
Andrew Boyd

I happened upon this little treasure of a book last night while roaming the wild streets of Sag Harbor with the one and only Rachael Faraone, world's greatest perspectifier, self proclaimed flaming clown, and talented legal jargon orater. Anyhoo, this book is rocking my world, mostly because I've never heard my particular brand of ironic sincerity so aptly described and justified. Today I am sharing a particularly poignant passage with you, dear purveyors of brilliance. I do hope you enjoy.


If you're going through hell, keep going.
-Winston Churchill

Meaningful personal growth rarely occurs without anguish, crisis, and loss. Maybe you're in a dead-end relationship or haven't come out to your parents. Or maybe you've got a secure job but always wanted to make it on your own. You need to change your life. But you're not going to make a move till things get a lot worse. In such a state, the only way forward is deeper into crisis.

Pushing yourself deeper into crisis is never easy. After all, it's only natural to resist permanent damage to your identity. But if you can bludgeon your resistance into submission, you can reach the point of no return. Past this point, you are fully committed to the crisis. With no way back, your once-idle doubts and speculations must crystallize into desperate convictions. With your consciousness polarized into a brawl of warring factions, your choices will at last lie clearly and unforgivingly before you.

The deeper my crisis, the clearer my choices.