1. While shopping at Saks for a Pantone color project for recently, I came across the nail varnish color Péridot at the Chanel counter. Immediate obsession stemming from fantasy hybrid tin man/sexy alien costume I dreamed up a few years back, piggy backed by intense feeling for the mineral Pyrite as of late. Go figure. Sounds complicated, but it all adds up to awesome.

2. Pyrite/Lucite cuff found on same shopping mission at aforementioned antique dealers
Robert E. Kinneman & Brian A. Ramaekers Inc. in Bridgehampton, NY. My hometown BTW.

3. Pyrite encrusted Ammonite.

I have no idea why this proclivity towards the "fools gold" has taken hold of my visual senses though I've done some research regarding the subject and have come across a few sources linking the mineral to sensitivity, intuition, and logic. A clear precision, juxtaposed with random order, illustrated by the delicate architectural forms of the stone, joined as if tossed together haphazardly. It is believed if one meditates with the stone, ideas (intuition, creativity, random connection) are more likely born on a physical plane (logic, precision, order).

hmmm... !!!