I stopped by one of my favorite haunts in the Hamptons today Robert E. Kinneman & Brian A. Ramaekers Inc. Antiques and was so delighted by their Halloween themed window display that it was imperative I go on an over caffeinated shooting spree.  Shooting photos that is...  The window is shown here in bits and pieces. How cleverly morbid and humorous Robert and Brian's elegant curative sensibility is! Don't you agree?  I'm always taken with the ever changing cast of curiosities they uncover and present so enticingly.  I've also included a few shots from inside the store, my favorites from their assortment at the moment.  The last one's for you Poon.  I'm thinking kitty is giving Jokey Feet a run for his money.


Robert E. Kinnaman & Brian A. Ramaekers Inc.
2466 Main Street
Bridgehampton, New York