9.23.2010 - Fall equinox and Full moon.

The light is pregnant with reflection.

A soft and sordid perfume hints the air.

Change is here, thick and dark as molasses.

Makes a girl want to hoot and holler and get real sticky.

We were hiding, and apparently very safe.

The vantage point from the perch was strange and glorious.

Everything seemed so far away and framed.

And yes, a bit cold and cruel at times, looking down from our perch.

The shedding was imminent but the process was ooeeee slow.

Painful really, coming in fits and spurts and all sorts of heel dragging upheaval.

Cocooned away like that in our box it couldn’t have been any easier.

Turns out the time has come to git down from this high up place.

But now we’re making honey money.


Photographs by Rainer Wengel.