Thomas Edison said "Genius is one percent inspiration and
ninety-nine percent perspiration." Without the one percent of
inspiration, all the perspiration in the world is only a bucket of sweat.

Design is better than fine art.
Designers are self-centered, but at least they know it.
Design must be playful, but is to be considered seriously.
Work hard, play hard, do both at the same time.
Designers dispose and propose.
Design should be strategically thoughtful.

Never just do it, sometimes just do it, do it quick, do it right.
Never feel comfortable. Take risks. Produce original work.
The world is only black and white, there are no greys.
Burn your idols on a stick, and all your work while you're at it.

Fuck design, let's dance.
Yes, go ahead, take the last cookie.

-The Manifest Project.

Sinnerman - Remixed by Felix Da Housecat