I made these bracelets last week and I think they're the C O O L E S T. Full stop... on second thought my ipad eclipses all other things I own as number one THING. I am still, after a few weeks of ownership, completely blown away by what this sleek little sucker can do. This genus of Macintosh hardware will change the way we interact with the world in ways we can't even comprehend at the moment. The future is wide open in the app arena, I believe we've only seen the tip of the iceberg here. I love being able to access my Dwell and Wallpaper without having to go anywhere or do anything, love scribbling notes on Penultimate and sending to my loved ones as digital emails, love the NPR app because I can choose what news to listen to. Reading on the ipad is also quite enjoyable and can be done in the dark because the screen is back lit. Vogue needs to get on board here. Also, can someone design a decent looking and functioning calendar?

Moleskin get on that... paper is (almost) passe.