Pointy yellow leaves.

The quality of the air is mild this early evening.  The light is diffuse with the vivid yellow of the leaves that have fallen on the sidewalk.  Their pointy shapes scatter upon the herringboned pattern of the bricks and my path home is a collage of vivid curves and muted lines.

I am falling in love with a building on the corner.  It is traditional, made out of brick worn by time, with simple inset windows.  The angle the house makes with the sidewalk, all at once severe and soft, moves me a little more each time I walk by.  It reminds me of a home I once had, or a house I will one day call home.

These nuances of angle and nostalgia are comfort to me now, as the realities of embarking on this program are less than glamorous.  Tonight, I will make three new concept models for a space we are working on in studio based on a geometric pattern unearthed among the cobwebs of Corbusier's Modular, while cross referencing the laws of dynamic symmetry.  It will be a miracle if I can pull this off.

And I am reminded of the saying "Any port in a storm".

Aren't I the lucky one when the ponderance of lines are the moorings that I tether my flailing imagination to.